Monday, July 18, 2011

On Cake Pops, My Daughters and My Mother Being On TV


So I know the whole entire internet has already done this, but I made cake pops. They were fun, and everyone loved them, and I am now in charge of creating some sort of wedding cake-pop-ish thing for my brother and his wife. Should be interesting! I'll be sure to take pics, unless it's a disaster, in which case you'll never hear about it again.


So Lucy came home to her new shared living space with Maggie, and surprisingly she did not blow a gasket. They've shared the room for two nights now, and while there has been some giggling and carousing, they're usually asleep by 9am. Not the best, but totally not the worst. And I've now tempted the fates, so tonight no one will sleep, at all, ever.


So the reason the cake pops were made in the first place (other than the main reason that cake is good, and pops are good, therefore the union of these two things must be heavenly) was for Freddie's ritualized dip in holy water. AKA his baptism.


So a few years ago when Maggie was dipped, the pastor at my parents' church made the announcement that he had been reassigned at the same mass. And then at Freddie's baptism mass the replacement priest announced that he had also been reassigned, and that the two churches in that town were being merged into one parish. I think if we have another kid baptized (not ever going to happen, BTW, because there will be NO MORE KIDS) then it's likely that the church will be struck immediately by lightening. This is what happens when a couple of crazy atheists decide to bring their kids to church, people.

ANYWAY, after everything was over the news interviewed some people about the merger, and my mother was featured! Watch for her around 1:44!

More Parishes Closing & Merging In Mon Valley « CBS Pittsburgh

If you would like her autograph, I may be able to pull a few strings...

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