Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes Four Minus Two Equals About Three and Two Fifths

Sam and Lucy are staying at my parents' house this week. Which you'd think would make my life a whole lot easier. Well, guess again. It makes my life a little quieter, but not necessarily easier. Why? For lots of reasons!

Number one, my 5 1/2-year old and nearly 4-year old are pretty damn useful. For example, if the phone rings while I'm nursing or changing a baby, Sam will either bring me the phone or answer it himself. He even knows how to decipher all of the various sounds my cell phone makes. He'll sometimes drop the phone in my lap and tell me, "Hey mom, it's your turn on Words With Friends" or "Dad sent you a text message!" Nice! The only issue with this is, now that he's reading pretty well I'm going to have to start making my text messages more PG. I rarely censor myself in text format.

Secondly, they're great at taking care of trash for me. Diapers, tissues, wrappers of all varieties. Lucy loves a task, and putting things in the garbage is one of her faves. My house is getting a big, um, trashy, without them.

Third, they entertain Maggie far more that I seem to. We've been doing lots of fun things together, but apparently none of them are as fun as the things she does with Brudder and CeeCee. Every single moment I am not 100% engaged with her, she is following me around squawking. Which wouldn't be an issues if I didn't have a Freddie and home to take care of. I haven't been able to put sweet little Fred to sleep in peace since Sunday. And if I have to, you know, cook something? She wants to sit up on the counter and "help" me. And, if I have to be honest, she is not very helpful.

Thank god she's cute!

Fourth, and most importantly, I miss them. Like, want-to-hold-them-in-my-arms-while-kissing-and-smelling- them sooooo bad missing them. Don't tell anyone, though. I have my street mountain cred to maintain.

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Arizaphale said...

You are truly a supermom. Hey, the good news is they get even more useful as they get older. And then they turn 16.