Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Change of Season

Today it is downright cool outside, and even though it's supposed to be 88 degrees tomorrow, it's hard to ignore the coming signs of fall. Tomorrow is Sam's first day of kindergarten, and on he'll be joined by Lucy on Monday when she beings her all day pre-kindergarten. One of our maple trees is already blushing red, and a few discarded leaves dot the lawn. The stores are overflowing with freshmen, and the roads are flooded with sophomores high on their new driving privileges. We got back-to-school haircuts yesterday, and stuffed back packs are at the ready on their hooks in the hall. Tonight I'll pack a lunchbox for my big boy, and I'll make sure to write him a note so he knows how much I'll be missing him tomorrow.

But for one more day it's summer. I'll let the kids stay in their jammies until late morning. We'll eat lunch outside and drink lemonade and I'll swing them until their tummies tickle. We'll blow bubbles, ride bikes and draw with chalk.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll still be able to smell the summer on our shoulders.

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