Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Jitters


Today was the day. Sam's first day of real school. Public, federally mandated, all day kindergarten.


Despite the photo, he didn't actually take the bus, because, well, I'm just not there yet. The drivers here seem a bit wild and they have to drive on the interstate, so I think I'll be driving them for at least this next few years.


We got to his classroom, and he kind of clammed up. We met his teacher last week, and he recognized her, but the other kids in the room were all strangers to him. He asked me to stay a while, and since we were early-ish, I obliged. It was totally because he asked, and not because I was weepy and sentimental to a point.

He settled down with some blocks, and soon enough another little boy came over to join him. At first Sam was reluctant to converse with him, but as soon as Star Wars came up, it was like they were long lost brothers. Mere moments later, I was sent away with a quick hug and barely another glance.

And I totally didn't cry the whole way home. Only half the way home.

While I waited to pick him up at 3:15, I was a nervous wreck. What if he hated it? What if someone made fun of his lisp? What if he pooped and needed help wiping his butt? What if to INFINITY?

So as soon as he was buckled in the car, I asked, "So Sammy, how was kindergarten?"

"Mom," he said, "It was so awesome! It was more than awesome. It was...Spectacular!"

And then I cried the entire way home.

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Lora said...

I still have 2.5 weeks, I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

And I'm glad to see you have a healthy fear of school buses. I don't understand how parents put their kids on those things. Yellow harbingers of death.

Also, Sammy is huge! He's a half a foot taller than Jake and Jake is the second tallest kid in his preschool class (20 kids). That WV air must be doing you guys some good! Well, that and genetics. You are tall people. We, not so.

Amy Jo said...

Sam is freakishly tall. He went to basket ball camp over the summer and they put him in with the third graders at first. Poor kid never played before and was totally lost. I had one of those mom moments where I wanted to let him try and resolve the situation on his own, but he was so confused, so I had to tell the coach how old he was. Lucy is also a giant among four year olds. I must have eaten some radioactive food while I was knocked up.

Tracey said...

My baby girl started K too this week and although I am so elated for her to begin her adventure (and she equally so) it is just so darn sad....why must they grow so fast!

Arizaphale said...

Sounds like you did very well Mom! It's a wild ride school. Welcome to the rollercoaster.
PS:Sam is 1 foot shorter than I am.