Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tappa Tappa Tappa

Last week the kids started tap dancing classes. Let me share a few highlights with you from our first fifty minute class:

1. HOLY HELL is it loud. Eight kids running around in previously forbidden tap shoes makes for a lot of noise. My kids weren't allowed to wear their shoes before the first class because our hardwood floors should actually be called soft wood floors. And also because we used them as incentive for good behavior at school. Parenting WIN! Based on how nuts all of the kids went once they got into the studio, it seemed as though we weren't the only parents who forbade the tap shoes before class.

2. After the initial 'let's make as much noise as possible' stage of class, my kids actually paid attention and listened! This was a big shocker to me, because last year in the general dance and movement intro class, my two were the ones who easily lost focus and ended up in trouble. I'm hoping that this continues once the novelty wears off!

3. There is another boy! Taking dance classes! In our same tap class! Sam has a dance class boyfriend!

P.S. How adorable is Lucy down there at the end?

They can't wait to go back tonight, and if I'm feeling kind (or cruel, depending on your annoyance threshold) maybe I'll try and get some video to post.

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