Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Being One

Fred is taking this business of being a toddler very seriously. He no longer crawls anywhere. Unless it's on a hill. He has only mastered walking on a level grade. But on a flat surface? He's a whiz. He loves playing outside, and has the dirt under his nails and scrapes on his elbows to prove it.

He plays in earnest now. He loved the swing until he discovered the slide. But he loves bubbles even more than both. He tries to jump and wiggle around when he hears music playing. He gives big smacking kisses and then runs away when you put him down so you'll chase him. When you catch him he'll kiss you again. He tries to hide behind the sheer curtains, and thinks it's hilarious when you find him. Stacking toys are actually stacked! Not always in order, but still stacked!

Food is, all of a sudden, irresistible. Today for breakfast was waffles.

Lunch was PB&J and bananas and grapes.

I made the mistake of letting him have one of these the other day. Now he tries to claw his way into the pantry to get more. Baby crack, for sure.

And words! Up, Pap-Pap, Mama, Pap-Pap, Dada, Pap-Pap, more, Pap-Pap, brutha, Pap-Pap. Are you spotting the trend? Someone loves his pappy.

It's all just going by so quickly. Too, too quickly.

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Arizaphale said...

Quick...but SO precious!

Dan said...

I love his Zepplin shirt