Monday, March 26, 2012

Season's End

Well, another hockey season has come to a close. It's kinda weird, really, not having somewhere to be four or five days a week. Weird, but totally awesome. Hockey is fun but the season is sooooooooooooooo long, especially for little kids.

As with last year, I wanted to do a compare and contrast video. Here is Sam at the end of last season and the season before. Here is Sam a few months ago. I didn't really get a good video of him in a game at the end of the season, so that video from the public session will have to do.

Now onto the Lucy! Here is a video of her pulling along some other kid a few weeks ago:

I am amazed with her skating ability. Even more so compared to Sam at the end of his first season. The only issue is that she has almost zero interest in the game of hockey. She loves to skate, and she'll do drills until the cows come home, but try and get her involved in a scrimmage and she's done.

I'm thinking we may have a figure skater on our hands. Bring on the bedazzler!

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