Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Potty Training: Spring Break Style

So we've finally decided to buckle down and potty train Maggs. She's been using the potty intermittently for a few months, and since we're just chilling at home this week while the kids are on spring break, it seemed like the ideal time. She spent last weekend with my parents and wore big girl underpants the whole time with only one accident. Naturally, I was optimistic. I can't help it, it's my nature. (Insert eye roll here.)

I bought her a package of Rapunzel underpants and away we went! Everything was just great until my parents had the audacity to leave on Sunday. We were at the hockey game (yes, THAT hockey game) and Maggie was pretty much non-compliant with our sitter. Then yesterday she was really hit-or-miss with me. She'd go on the potty when I took her, only to pee in her pants less than ten minutes later.

Today was the beginning of the end. This morning she was whining that she didn't want to be a big girl, that she wanted to stay a baby and wear diapers. Well, I'm not one for quitters, so I said no way! Put on your big girl panties, both literally and figuratively. She did, and it was ok. For a while. I had to put Freddie down for a nap mid-morning, so I situated her at the table with a bowl of raisins. And when I came back downstairs she had made a few raisins-like objects of her own, right in her Rapunzel unders.

Good times.

I set about cleaning her up, and then I got to cleaning up the bench she was sitting on at the time of the incident. I was looking for some lysol wipes, but I wasn't having much luck finding them. I poked around under the bathroom sink, and guess what I found stashed behind a wall of toilet paper rolls?

A huge pile of...........

CANDY! (Admit it, you totally thought I was going to say poop, right?) And discarded candy wrappers!

By this time I had pretty much forgotten about Maggie and she was running around the house pants-less.

I cornered my two big kids and gave them the third degree. It was pretty obvious after about six seconds that Lucy was the guilty party. Adding to to the evidence against her is the fact that she always takes an eternity in the bathroom. Even if she only goes in there to get a tissue. After trying to pin the blame on both of her younger siblings (because we all know Fred has a mean sweet tooth) I explained that if she told the truth she wouldn't be in as much trouble. She broke down and confessed everything. Even about how she used the step ladder to get the candy down from the high shelves in the pantry. *facepalm*

So now Maggie is back in diapers and Lucy isn't allowed in the pantry. Can school just start again, please?

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