Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten Percent

Last week I had a stomach bug that helped me get to my 10% weight loss goal for WW. The amount of weight I have lost is roughly equivalent to how much Fred currently weighs. This is a nice perk because whenever I'm feeling bad about choices I've made (like this week, when everyone else had the stomach bug and I self-medicated with pad thai and beer) I can just hoist up my boy and have an instant reminder of how hard I've been working.

That said, this week has been awful. There were lunches out and diners in and since SOB was also sick, there were lots of fattening leftovers to be eaten for lunch. Adding to the frequency of takeout ordering is that whole 'we're selling our house' thing. We had an open house Sunday, a broker open house Tuesday and a showing yesterday. All of these are good things, but I'm not about to cook a nice, healthy meal at home knowing that within twelve hours dozens of people are going to be walking in my kitchen, scrutinizing my range, smelling the remnants of our meal. Just because we think turkey meatballs smell welcoming doesn't mean everyone necessarily agrees with us.

So today I'm going to get back on track. I'm going to keep a close count on my points, try and make healthy choices, and not beat myself up over the mistakes I made earlier in the week. I know my weigh in tomrrow isn't going to be the best, but I'll just carry around Fred for a while and think about how I used to carry that much extra weight all of the time.

And maybe I'll skip the beer!

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