Monday, May 21, 2012

This One Time At Tap Class

Yesterday was dance recital day! Sam and Lucy donned their fancy clothes and shoes and set out to wow the crowd with their tapping prowess.

 or maybe just their extreme adorableness

On Saturday they had their dress rehearsal, and things went pretty well. Lucy isn't the most enthusiastic dancer, but she got through the routine fine. Sam, on the other hand, likes to try and strike the ground with his taps as hard as he possibly can, which makes him appear rather Frankenstein-esque. But they both were great.

On Sunday morning, both Lucy and Maggie had crazy runny noses. After about an hour of wiping snot of of them and everything they came in contact with, SOB suggested administering some sort of decongestant. We keep several on hand, since snot is my mortal enemy. I knew benadryl was out of the question, so I asked SOB whether I should give them claritin or zyrtec. He said that zyrtec works better, so I got out my dosing cup and went to town.

And Lucy turned into a zombie. An adorable zombie in a pink tutu, but still, a zombie.

By recital time she was kind of losing her shit, and didn't want me to leave her side when I dropped them off with their teacher. She made it out onto the stage and kind of stumbled her way through the routine.

As soon as we got in the car she passed out. When we got home and tried to wake her, the madness began. We laid her down in our bed and she cried. She ate a bowl of ice cream and she cried. She tried to put on one of Maggie's dresses and she cried. I felt terrible, but luckily it wore off by dinnertime.

And today? It's hilarious!

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