Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Toddlers Attack

So Maggie tackled me from behind last night. I was bending over to put some things away under the bathroom sink, and when she hit me I lost my footing and came down right on the corner of the cabinet door. 

It was incredibly painful, as you can imagine. Can you believe someone so cute and innocent looking as this could inflict this type of injury? She was pissed at me because I wouldn't let her use toothbrushes as drumsticks, and when she refused to put them away I sent her to her room for a time out. I bent over to pick them up myself, and she came at me.

(In her defense, she wasn't trying to knock me down. She wanted me to hold her because she was sad. Sad because she was being punished. So she said.)

(I'm not sure I believe it, either.)

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