Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beach Photo Insanity

Last week when we were on vacation I took a lot of photos. A LOT of photos. Everyone really wanted to get a shot of all of the kids on the beach together, and my mother-in-law, grandmother to all of the children, even bought them cute matching outfits for the occasion. So after a few days of plotting and planning, we got up one morning and hauled everyone to the beach. 

And each and every one of them was miserable.

Luckily, I have incredibly large memory cards and photoshop. So by making a bunch of grandmas and aunts dance around like crazy, we managed to get a photo with each kid smiling. Or at least not screaming. Then, through the magic of digital head swapping, we ended up with this! 

Six kids, mostly happy looking! I call that a great big win for me and my relatives. 

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