Friday, August 31, 2012


Fred is learning so many new words lately. He's especially interested in naming facial features. So far he knows 'nose' 'mouth' and 'eyes' and we're working on the others. However, since he is only 18 months old, he is also quite grabby. That's why he thinks ears are called 'gentle' and hair is called 'OWWWW!'


Maggie begins pre-school next week. All summer she's been gung-ho to start school just like a big kid. She would wear her backpack around, even though it's half as big as she is, and proclaim herself ready for school. Last night I went to her orientation and met her teacher. When I talked to her about it this morning, she got all wide-eyed and frightened. Maybe she never thought that this whole school thing was real, that maybe it was some sort of elaborate pretend game. But real it is, and she goes in to meet her teacher tuesday. Wish us luck!


We've been shunned by our cat. We've had Simon since 1998 (damn I'm old) and he's often referred to as our first child. He's moved with us several times, and has always stayed true. Up until we bought our house in Philly 5 years ago, Simon was an inside cat. However, when toddlers have access to doors inside cats will sometimes convert to inside-outside cats. Since we've moved here, he's been spending more and more time outside. Or so we though. Turns out our loyal pet isn't as loyal as we though. He's hanging out at our neighbor's house pretty much all the time now. She called us a few months ago to ask if she could let him inside during bad weather, and we barely ever see him now. On Tuesday everyone in our family went out back and called for him. We saw him saunter off of our neighbor's porch, walk up to the property line, and very deliberately turn his back on us! Now, to be fair to the kitty, neighbor lady is a young-ish widow who probably gives him all the attention he could ever want. He gets attention here, just not the kind that he enjoys. Our house is filled with little people who find ears and tails to be irresistible. (See first section.) SO! What to do when we move? Do we force him along with us, or leave him is peace with her?


During Sam's first week of school he not only got a 12 hour stomach bug (yay for pooping and puking in the middle of the night!) but he also fell off of the jungle gym and had to get medical attention. I was trying to catch a short nap this afternoon (see above about night time illness) when the school nurse called. He's having a harder time adjusting this year than he has in the past, and I hope the poor kid catches a break soon. Just not a literal one.


Lucy is busy charming the pants off of everyone she meets lately. She got a tinker bell movie for her birthday, and ever since she barely goes anywhere without her purple fairy-bat wings. (Thankyouverymuch, old navy after halloween clearance!) I hope I can pry them off of her for school next week.


I'm going to Philly tomorrow to see some friends, celebrate TWO soon-to-be baby boys and go see my favorite band play at one of my all time favorite places. I'm hoping it will be just the thing to snap me out of this whole 'moving funk' thing I've got going on. Or maybe I just need a shower.

What are you doing this weekend???

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Lora said...

my mom has sort of taken in a cat just like Simon. the owners HATE that Sam (the cat) spends the majority of his time in her house and yard. Mom's boyfriend is OBSESSEDLY in love with Sam, and wants to take him to his house where he will be loved full time and they won't have to deal with the neighbor coming over all the time and telling them that his kids are heartbroken over the whole situation when in reality, it's probably the kids who are letting him out.

It's hard.

When Tyler died this spring, I was a total mess. So I sort of know how you feel about leaving Simon behind.
But having a mom who is certifiably a crazy cat snatcher, I'd say that Simon will do just fine if you leave him back.
And you can get new kittens for the kids! Yay! Just don't get baby kittens like we did. that was a mistake. they are sharp.

Amy Jo said...

My kids have already started asking for a D-O-G, and I just can't. Once we get into the real house we can find a rescue shelter and go from there. I'd really love another tortie