Sunday, September 09, 2012

Gypsy Life: Day 3

Yesterday the kids got to visit with two sets of grandparents, and they are still positively vibrating from the sugar/excitement. So to burn off some steam, we took them to the playground. Even though there are several around, Sam wanted to go to the one at his school so he could show his dad all of the cool stuff he plays on at recess. Naturally, there were many photo ops.

Sadly, all of the running and see-sawing didn't do much to quell the insanity, so Sam had to go to bed early. We sent him off to his closet/room and he was asleep in minutes.

We also got to visit with some friends from WV who stopped by on their way to the Pirates' game. That was a lot of fun, but made me a wee bit sad. We've met some people and neighbors here, but there's nothing quite like tried and true friends. I'm hopeful that soon we'll have some new ones, but until then, it's nice to know the old ones are only a few miles away.

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1 comment:

Arizaphale said...

OMG...they really ARE sleeping in the closets! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA COOOOOL!!!