Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gypsy Life: Day A Baker's Dozen


(Nicole - you will never be replaced. I just found a temporary substitute until we can kidnap you and give you Stockholm syndrome so that you think you actually want to live with us forever.)

I know I've been abusing the caps lock button a bit lately, but SRSLY! I have been having a very difficult time finding a new sitter, and because of our current school situation I kind of really need one ASAP. I put an ad on and was having no luck. It seemed like, even though I was pretty clear on what I was looking for, many people were just applying for anything and everything. So I'd get all excited, seeing that I had eight new applicants, but then four of them were looking for full time work, one could only work tuesdays and thursdays, one wanted $20 an hour and one wasn't willing to drive to the location that WAS CLEARLY STATED IN THE AD.


Then I'd go and meet up with the one applicant who seemed promising, only to find out that she could only work mornings. Guess when I need someone?


Needless to say, I didn't get my hopes up when I set up a meeting with a new applicant today. But guess what? She was every bit as nice as she seemed online, and she can start tomorrow! Which is perfect since SOB and I are double booked for a school thing/work thing. Hopefully she's not secretly a black market agent looking for some cute but loud blue eyed kids.


So here's a funny little tale to end the day. We got to go inside the new house today to measure for carpets, and we took Maggie and Fred along. They had never been there before, and Maggs in particular was excited to try and find her new bedroom. As we walked through the upstairs, she would open every closet and ask, "Is this my new room?" all excitedly. I'm worried she's going to be disappointed with an actual bedroom.

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Arizaphale said...

BAHAHAHHAAH! That's what happens when you closet your children for three weeks :-D