Friday, September 14, 2012

Gypsy Life: Day Eight

Today we had the distinct pleasure of not only going to our new pediatrician for the first time for Lucy's year 5 well visit, but also of trying out the emergency department of our local children's hospital branch. Oh, what fucking fun!

Most every morning since we've been going to school here the girls play on a very gentle staircase that goes in-between the blacktop area and the playing field. They call it the 'balance bean' (Olympic obsession with gymnastics, anyone?) and they seem to have a lot of fun. Until today, when Lucy inadvertently tripped on a discarded water bottle and let out a blood curdling scream. Since she screams kind of a lot anyway, I didn't rush to react, but when she didn't get up I decided to investigate. I walked over, and saw that she really appeared to be in pain. She got up, but then went right back down. I got her over to the bottom step, she sat for a while, and then she seemed fine. Since I had scheduled her year 5 checkup for 9am, I figured we'd mention it then just in case. The doctor checked her out, declared her healthy as a horse, ankle and all. 

We went home, and I put on Sesame Street while I did some dishes. When it was over I called the kids over to the table to eat, and Lucy couldn't get to the table without yelping.

Her left ankle was swollen and she could only limp along. 

After many phone calls to many doctors and urgent care centers, we finally got her an x-ray. She doesn't have a fracture, but she does have a nasty sprain. Being 5, crutches are not really an option, so we're sticking with ice, elevation, an ace bandage, and carrying her 52 pound ass around as much as possible. 

Of course it had to be my child who is in the 92nd percentile for weight who needs to be carried everywhere. 

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