Monday, September 10, 2012

Gypsy Life: Day Four

Today was a rather uneventful day. I was glad the weekend was over so the kids could go back to school. Speaking of back to school, I totally forgot to post about these two cuties and their new school.

This was (obviously) taken last week when we were still in WV, but it was the day the packing and moving began, and I never got a chance to post it. They both absolutely love it, but I, at the moment, am not. You see, they do an elaborate phasing-in schedule, so Maggie only goes for an hour, and Lucy goes for an hour and a half, but not at the same or consecutive times. That means that most days I am picking up or dropping off six times. Luckily, Lucy starts her longer kindergarten program tomorrow, so while I will still be doing six trips, them timing should be a little easier on my schedule. We'll see...

Another thing that might make my life easier in the near future is the babysitter I hope to hire. I put an ad out on sitter city today and got several responses right away. I'm going to meet up with some of the applicants this week, so here's hoping that by next week I'll have someone to pick Sam up from school. You know, since all of a sudden this year both Sam's school and the girls' school get dismissed at the exact same time, but they are three miles apart. That's fun.

I also did an On Demand kick boxing workout today. I really hope the person/people who live below us work during the day.

Finally, here is a video of my baby feeding himself meatballs with a giant fork, and then demanding bites of my salad, which was drenched with balsamic vinegar. WTF?

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Arizaphale said...

OMG...LOVE that video xxxx