Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gypsy Life: Day Nine

Holy crap. We're already on day NINE! That means that, in the most positive of situations, we've past the halfway point of the gypsy livin'. In a slightly less rosy scenario we still have almost two weeks left here. Let's keep the positivity flowing, ok?

Sam had his first hockey game today, which was kind of cool. They put him on a lower team, which I think wasn't the best match, but he had a lot of fun. Oh, and Pascal Dupuis was there with his kid. NBD. If the NHL keeps up with this lockout thing, I bet we'll see a lot more of him this season.

Oh, and as a total positive hockey sidebar, his new team and his old team have the same exact colors! So that scarf that I spend many, many, many hours crocheting for him last season hasn't been rendered obsolete! Hooray for me!

We also had a really nice visit with our babysitter from WV. Part of the reason I'm having so much trouble finding a sitter here is that we had the absolute gold standard in babysitters with Nicole, and it's really hard not to compare. When we moved there I put an ad in the WVU student employment office. She was the first person to respond, the only person I interviewed, and we had two years of absolute happiness with her. The kids love her, I love her, and I'm pretty sure she loves us back! I never got a chance to say goodbye to her down there, which is probably for the best as it would have very rapidly dissolved into an epic ugly cry on my part. Today we had a little hug goodbye, but we knew it wasn't GOODBYE. I mean, it's only an hour and a half down the freeway. 

The kids were so excited to see her (and her boyfriend, who is also awesome and totally cool with my kids jumping and hanging all over him like little spider monkeys) that I couldn't help but get a little misty, though. We miss you so much Nicole!

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KatyKF said...

Regardless of lockout status, you'll see tons of Dupuis. He is really into his kids' hockey. He used to come to SHAHA games to watch Asham's kids, too. And, if you come to church with us, you'll see Dupuis there, too.

Arizaphale said...

I don't know but it LOOKS like Sam is about to descend into the sad crying goodbye thing here....