Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Real Deal Hair Cut

I finally did it. I took my baby boy and cut off all of his precious, golden locks. It was awful.

Do you see all of that glorious hair? GONE!

Fred was skeptical of the clippers...

So the barber had to go the traditional route and get out the shears.

He had moments of quiet acceptance...

And moments of anger and regret. Don't worry buddy. Mama is right there with you.

Finally, it was over. Even with the delicious sucker reward, he was too traumatized to look at me. 

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Lora said...

I know it was heartbreaking! He looks cute, but I cried a little too. Especially when I saw him cry. Hormonal much?

Amy Jo said...

When Sam got his first haircut, I was seven months pregnant with Lucy. I think I scared the stylist with how much I was crying. Hope you are feeling great!