Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Nicely Sums Up How Family Dinner Is Going...

Today at the girls' school they showed me their 'cornucopia of thanks' lining the walls. Since Lucy is in kindergarten she got a nice, big paper with a photo of her sweet face. She said she was thankful for 'Riding her bike, and flying her kite.' Which is hilarious, because I think I can count on one hand how many times she's done those two things combined. 

Maggie is younger, and so she only got a little leaf on which to share her thoughts. I scoured the walls until I found hers:

And I busted out laughing! When her teacher heard me, she came out of the class and confessed to having trouble suppressing her laughter when Maggs dictated this. This made me howl because Maggie has been the most difficult child with family dinners, and mac & cheese is like her salvation. She begs for it at every meal, INCLUDING BREAKFAST, and when she's given some she gobbles it up like she hasn't eaten in weeks.

I guess we'll have to have a macaroni side dish at Thanksgiving then, right?

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