Saturday, February 02, 2013

Birthday Week Wrap-up

My, how time has flown since my last post. The fact that it happens to be a photo of champagne is kind of appropriate, since I feel like I blacked out and this week slipped away into the ether. But here we are, and lots has happened since then...

On Tuesday SOB and I went out for our collective birthday dinner. Since his birthday is January 23rd, and mine is February 1st, we tend to spread out the celebration over those ten days. Which is probably why I was up almost two pounds at Weight Watchers yesterday. I did get to attend Weight Watchers alone for my birthday, which was about as fun as you would imagine it to be. I think the weight gain can be most directly attributed to beer. I used to hate beer, but now I love it, and somehow I can't seem to lose weight! But in addition to beer, also food. I'm looking at you, sushi boat.

My husband has a penchant for ordering food that is served on a vessel, and even though this was likely meant to be shared by four people, we ate almost all of it. And drank some Japanese beer, also. Blerg. 

On Thursday we had to take my car to the shop (again) because it eats brakes. This is third or fourth time we've had the braked replaced, and it B-L-O-W-S. SOB was off, so he was going to take our car seats from the van and put them in the garage, but he was running late and since I was leaving soon, he though he'd put them in front of his car and I could put them in there. BUT! Since he parked his car down the driveway, I approached it from the rear and never once saw the car seat on the ground in front of it. And then I ran one over. The best part is that I didn't even realize it was a car seat that I had hit. We had a big wind storm the day before and there were a lot of branches down, so I just assumed it was a stick. Good times!

The text message read: nice work dipshit

So on my birthday, I got to go out shopping for a new car seat! At least I got to go alone.

On Thursday we were MYSTERY READERS at Sam's school. It was a lively affair, to say the least. One of us grown ups had to have leave early to pick up our daughters, so SOB got to do the reading honors. He was spellbinding! He read 'When I Grow Up' by Al Yankovic (yes, that Al Yankovic) and I highly recommend it. But maybe that's because I totally saw him live and in concert when I was a young(er) lady. Whatever. (It was awesome.)

Then on to Friday! My twin nieces were not born, but I can forgive them. My sister-in-law has set them up in a pretty cozy spot, so the won't get evicted until Monday or Tuesday. After a long afternoon of car seat shopping, my mother and I went to a Friday night Zumba-thon club night extravaganza in support of the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women day. Whew, that was a mouthful! It was fun, but I was eternally grateful that it was dark in there, because my hips don't move in all of the ways they used to. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

We got my favorite pizza and salads for dinner, drank some wine and then two of my kids puked in their beds. Happy birthday toooooooooo meeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Arizaphale said...
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Arizaphale said...

iroHave I mentioned how much I still love reading your posts after all these years?
I don't get 2lbs cos I work in kilos but the whole 'puttin' it back on' thing, I TOTALLY get :-(..and loving food. and loving beer(wine in my case...same effect)
And the car seat story! HAHAHAHAHA I have actually read this once before, somewhere else, so do not feel bad. You are not alone. Also, I once ranover my husband's laptop, for exactly the same reason, which only goes to show how tough Ye Olde Apple laptops were (titanium)cos my husband only replaced it in 2010....4 years after I ran over it!

Arizaphale said...

I hate how you can't edit your (badly typed) comments on blogger...I am too used to facebook.