Monday, February 04, 2013



Isabel Lin is in the light pink hat and Penelope Ann is in the dark pink hat. They are doing well, as are mom and dad! My sister-in-law was scheduled to go in and be induced tonight, but the girls decided that they wanted to get here in time to watch the Super Bowl! They are just about the most precious things I've ever seen, and I cannot wait to meet them!

I also cannot wait to introduce them to my twin nephews...

It is probably a very good thing we live about a thousand miles from these lovely ladies, because my young ones, or Sick and Sicker as I'm now calling them, could probably infect someone with their special brand of illness from a hundred paces.

My birthday weekend, which started out two pukes, ended up with a grand total seven. Beds were destroyed. Baths were frequent. Washing machines were constantly running. It was awful. On Sunday morning I got up and made breakfast for everyone, since SOB was working. Mere moments after we had finished eating, Maggie projectile vomited all over the table. My poor mother had just cut a piece of toast into the shape of a heart for her. And then she puked on it.

To make matters worse, I made the huge mistake of letting her come into bed with me on Friday night. We've never once let a kid sleep in our bed, and now I understand why. Once she was asleep, I took her back into her room, but the seed had been planted. The rest of the weekend was spent being awakened by this tiny girl, asking if she could sleep in our bed. When we said no, she asked if I would sleep in her bed. You know, her toddler bed. I agreed once on the condition that she would stop asking to sleep in our bed. So then the next time she woke us up it was to get her a drink of water. So I put a sippy cup in bed with her. The next time she woke us it was because she claimed to be afraid of the dark, despite having three night lights in her room. The she wanted to know where daddy was. The lucky bugger was at work already. 

So this morning when Sam tiptoed into our room twenty minutes before my alarm was set to go off to ask if he had a two hour delay, I almost bit his head off. 

After a trip to the doctor's this morning, I was told that they just have a virus and will just have to wait for things to run its course! Meanwhile Maggie's tonsils are so swollen she keeps gagging on them, hence the puking. They both seem to be feeling a little better this afternoon, so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that the worst is over. 

Then I'm going to look at that picture of the babies 1,265,793 more times and go to bed. 

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Arizaphale said...

OMG those babies are unbelievably cute! How did you not have twins with two sets in your family???? Phew eh? Poor kids with the sick and everything. The BA had glandualr fever over Cristmas so I know all about puking. And wanting to sleep in my bed!!!!!!!!

Rachelle said...

Awww. Congrats! Hope the sickness leaves soon.