Thursday, February 07, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: The Counters Are Here!

We used to have these really super cool custom counter tops. They were made of a cool composite consisting mostly of pieces of dry wall...

And reclaimed cabinet doors. They were really quite stunning. 

However, they were a bear to keep clean, and the dry wall wasn't staying too dry, which was making it lumpy. So we finally caved and got some new counter tops.

These ones wipe clean, and don't have peeling contact paper on top, which is a real plus if you ask me!

Plus our sink is a new and permanent fixture now, instead of a random piece of particle board counter with a recycled (read: trash picked) sink. I like that.

Next week the rest of the cabinets arrive, which means we're in the home stretch! Now we just (really) have to figure out that to do with that damn back splash...

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Arizaphale said... counter tops! I reckon you could just about get down on those :-D