Thursday, March 07, 2013

And Then I Realized That In Seven Years We're All Screwed

Yesterday Lucy had a bad day at school. I know, another post about my misbehave-y children! Can I please give you a fricking break? NO!

Anyway, her punishment for bad behavior at school is just like Sam's: no Wii and possibly no television, depending on the severity of the crime. She was pretty difficult for her teachers, so it was no screens all night, and she was not at all happy about that. Just before bed time she really thought we were going to relent, and when we didn't the shit hit the fan. She was wailing and screaming and coughing and snot and tears were flying everywhere. It was loud and sad and just plain awful for everyone involved. We put her to bed and she fell right right asleep, thank goodness. Every parent knows that if you are frustrated with your kid, all you have to do is watch them while they sleep for a minute and everything will be forgotten. Or at least forgiven.

Two hours later, and I'm the one crying and snotting all over the place. Ever since I've gotten this IUD almost two years ago, my PMS has been all over the place. Recently I've been really down during my hormonal times, and last night was the worst it's been. I was upset with myself for yelling at the kids, stressed about Fred's birthday party coming up this weekend, and just kind of frazzled. THEN I had the brilliant idea to catch up on all of those episodes of Girls on the dvr. If you don't watch it, it's about awkward, depressed girls in their twenties trying to make it in NYC. Kind of like Sex in the City but with more cringing and worse outfits. Something set me off, and all of a sudden I couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

SOB watched at me while I sobbed, looking more than a little dismayed. I explained to him that I was pretty sure it was a hormonal lady thing, and not to take it personally, but I'm sure I was still a bit much to take. I mean, I was full throttle ugly crying over the fact that the tupperware container I got out was too small for my leftovers.

He started laughing at me then, which only whipped my craze-ball of emotions into a frenzy. And then I informed him that once Lucy and Maggie hit puberty, we'd probably all be crazy hormonal beasts at the same exact time every month.

And that's the main reason we'll never own a gun, he said.

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Arizaphale said...

Ohhh! Just wanna send you a biiig hug. I know this hormonal thing well. When I started going through the 'failure of girl germs' time, I went to the doc to ask if she could help me avert homicide!!!! The good news is that tears release good stuff into your body which helps the hurt go away. Meanwhile, hopefully Lucy's meltdown has created some boundaries for her which will result in a much less traumamtic time for you next time.

Lora said...

I will never laugh at you.

And can we talk about the IUD? I lasted 6 months or so with mine. I was MISERABLE. I had the Paraguard because I didn't want the hormones. My lower belly was so distended that I looked like I was 4 months pregnant all the time. Cramps? Forget it. Periods for weeks and emotionally I was a train wreck.

Then I found out that there was nickle in it, despite it being billed as all copper and plastic. You know how gross and swollen your ears get if you wear cheap earrings? Yeah, well, like that. Except in my EFFING UTERUS!

Ack. I'm so sorry you are going through that.

Amy Jo said...

I have the Merida one. I'm actually thinking of switching back to the pill to keep the hormones in check.