Friday, March 08, 2013


Today I set about planning our Summer Vacation!!! Except that is isn't much of a vacation when you factor in the SEVEN weeks of camps we have scheduled.

{Insert frowny face here}

I try hard not to over-schedule my kids in the summer because I like sitting around and doing not much in the way of stuff. Maybe go swimming. Hit the playground. Finally teach Sam to ride his bake sans training wheels. That kind of summer-y stuff. But, I have a lot of kids. Plus, life has a way of making you do things you don't want to sometime, and apparently in my life that time is now.

Sam carries the burden of the camp load. We're really trying hard to keep him on the ice as much as possible over the summer so his hockey skills don't lag. In that vein we signed him up for three weeks of hockey camp at the RMU hockey academy. We did one week there last year and loved it. Since this year we only live 25 minutes from that rink instead of 1 hour and 40 minutes, we're doing a little extra. Plus we're trying our damnedest to get him into a summer league that will be once night a week for 12 weeks. Then he has one week of science camp at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Phew! Onto the girls!

They are both doing a week of gymnastics camp, but I cheated a little and signed them up for the week of July fourth, which is a short week. I would have let them go for a full week, but the two age groups don't always overlap, and this was the one week that they could both go at the same time (that we didn't already have hockey camp.) Maggie will spend the rest of the summer camp-free because she's only 3 for cripe's sake. But Lucy will get a week of art camp at the Carnegie Art Museum the same week Sam is in science camp.

Fred will become even more familiar with the inner workings of his car seat, and hopefully with some new playgrounds.

I will need lots of sleep. And help. Any one want to volunteer?

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Arizaphale said...

I wish Australia had all those camps. Not that it matters to me now I am no longer a mother it seems, just a loan car facility. But when I was doing those long summer holidays, it would have been nice to have had some cool activities to enrol them in.