Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elvis Has Just Left the Building

And just like that, another hockey season has come to a close. Sam's progress this year was a little underwhelming to us, but with all of the transitions and scrambling just to get on a team, we'll take it. 

This summer he'll be doing twelve weeks of skill development on Thursday nights, and he'll be doing three weeks of more intensive hockey camps at Robert Morris University, which has been in the college hockey news a bunch lately. 

He's trying out for two different teams this spring. Hopefully he'll end up on a more competitive team next year, because he seems to try and elevate his play to match the kids on his team. He played with a bunch of kids his own age and skill level this season, and so we didn't feel like he pushed himself as much as before.

Next season we're really going to try and dissuade him from playing goalie. He really seems to enjoy it, but he's a TERRIBLE net minder. The other kids on his team have started to notice, and they groan every time he volunteers. This past weekend in our year end tournament, he let in six of the thirteen goals the other team scored against us, and he only played a third of the game. Plus, goalie pads are expensive. Plus goalies are usually weird

I know it seems like a bit much for a newly seven year old boy, but he loves playing, and Lucy's asking to play again next year, too. I guess we're just going to have to accept the fact that we're a hockey family all the way now. Get ready Maggie and Freddie! 

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