Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's the Lucy Show!

Lucy's school has been prolific lately with recitals and performances. This week was the annual spring concert, in which she got to sing along in four songs. The preparation for the concert was a little weird for us, because since she was off of her normal routine at school she was off her normal routine at home. Plus we've had some changes in child care (AGAIN) which is also making things a bit wonky around here.

The week prior to the show she had a letter in her mail informing us parental types how the children were to be dressed. Since I picked her up early that day, she never got her mail. Which is why in the video below you will see that she is the only child in THE ENTIRE SCHOOL not wearing a white shirt. Parenting FAIL!

My second big failure of the night was not sitting in the same general area where I sat for the William Penn expo. For the entirety of their entrance and first song, Lucy kept looking for me in the area where I sat last time. Instead of singing. And, well, she was a little freaked out when she couldn't find me. So she started covering her face with her hands and being a cute little weirdo. Luckily, she located us between the first and second number and then got down to business, shaking her egg shaker and banging on her tin can.

As you can see from the end of the second number, she thinks it went pretty well.

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1 comment:

Arizaphale said...

Oh oh oh! Sweet, sweet Lucy! that was so much fun....Mostly though, the word 'overwhelmed' comes to mind :-D