Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Ah, springtime! You've only barely arrived and already my husband is squawking about turning the air conditioner on. Since we moved into this house in the fall, everything that is currently sprouting from the ground is pleasant surprise.

While these flowers are lovely and all, they don't quite satisfy my horticultural urges. Luckily for me, my husband does quite enjoy digging in the yard and constructing things for my gardening delight. 

Here you see most of what will be my new and amazing garden! Since we've been moving so much lately, I haven't really had what I would consider a good gardening season, and I intend to make up for it this year. There are six 4 x 4 raised beds in there, and I think we're going to add three more or one long row down the side. The fencing isn't entirely complete and isn't permanent, but may become more so in the future, depending on how we like the layout. We're going to add another smaller rabbit fence about three feet around the edge of this, because SOB read that deer get spooked by double fences. Plus we're going to plant basil, chili peppers and marigolds in that border, since they're all repellent to deer. Despite living within city limits and on a very busy road, we get lots of deer traffic in the yard. Or we have one deer who poops all over the place. Either way, HATE.

In the back yard we have a pool, therefore we have a nice, big fenced in area. We're going to be putting some potted veggies back there as well, as insurance against the one/many deer. But we know we have at least one rabbit back there, so everything is going to be up off of the ground. 

SO! What are we growing this year? 

Black Krim tomatoes
Hillbilly tomatoes (as a throwback to WV)
San Marzano tomatoes
Sugar Sweetie cherry tomatoes
Double yield cucumbers
Purple tomatillos
Purple beans
Purple jalapenos (are you sensing a trend here?)
California wonder bell peppers
Yellow banana peppers
Krimzon Lee peppers
Mammoth Russian sunflowers

And I have twin two year old blueberry bushes soaking in my kitchen right this very minute. 

I am very much looking forward to some purple salsa this summer!

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Arizaphale said...

I bow before you gardening Goddess! Himself is threatening to have a veggie garden in our 'new' backyard. I await his effort with interest. I will plant a few shrubs around the place.....

Amy Jo said...

I've been dying the past few years without my garden. Luckily this year SOB is spot on with the planning!