Friday, April 19, 2013

Non Sequitur

Sam noticed that all of the flags at school and around town were flying at half mast. He asked me about that, and so I explained only the very basics to him. I told that some people had been hurt and killed by some other people. He asked if they were bad guys. I gave him a sort of affirmative answer, and touched very lightly on mental illness. He looked out the window for a little while. Then he asked me if the guys with the bombs had gold teeth. Apparently several of the villains in the Lego City sets have gold teeth up in their grills, so now Sam thinks it's a pre-requisite for being a bad guy. Not a single thing that is going on up in Boston is funny, but that sure did make me laugh.


I think I'm in love with my back porch. It's screened in without an exit to the yard, so we can leave the doors to the house open to get some fresh air. The kids can play out there and blow bubbles and stuff without me fretting that they're going to wander off. And it has big awnings, so the other night I sat out there and enjoyed a spectacular thunderstorm without getting a single raindrop of moisture on me. Once  everything is green again and the pool is open, I can imagine us sitting out there on warm summer nights sipping gin drinks and being very content.


I got a sun burn in Miami. I know. I should be smarter than that, but in my defense I was only out in the sun for about 45 minutes. I live in the hinterlands, though, so that little bit of mid-day exposure was enough to give me a nice ruddy color on my arms and chest. Despite my best efforts, I started peeling almost as soon as I got home. When Sam saw that my upper arm area was all flaky and peeling, he asked me, 'Did you get a tattoo removed or something?' Seriously? Yes, I had a huge tattoo on my right bicep that you never noticed kid, but then I got it removed. Again, laughing.

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