Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Awkward Conversations and Babies Growing Up

We have a new sitter for the kids. She's been with us a few weeks now and we all really like her. We're still in that getting to know you phase of things, and since she's easy to talk to we often end up chatting when I'm around. The other day, she asked me how old Freddie was when he stopped taking a bottle. I casually mentioned that we didn't do bottles because I'm kind of a freakish breast feeding advocate. So naturally, she asked me when I weaned him. I looked down at the dishes I was washing when I answered 'last week.' I doubt that she made any sort of bad face, but I just didn't want to see her reaction. 

I had a tough time with weaning this boy. He's the last baby I'll ever nurse. Plus, he was in no way interested in giving it up. If I hadn't started forcing him to cut back he'd still be nursing 4-6 times a day, most likely. He was still asking to nurse pretty often just last week, but this week hasn't at all. This week he's been asking to go potty. He talks in full sentences. He wants to do everything himself. He wants to play 'baseball player' and 'hockey stick' and thinks farts are funny. He drank a freaking frappuchino this morning at starbucks. 

He's just not a baby anymore, and I can't really take it.

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