Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boy on Safari

Last weekend we went to Philadelphia, and we left Sam there. With his aunt, not alone on the streets or anything. It's been crazy weird not having him around this week, but I'm pretty sure he'd stay there forever if we'd let him. In his absence, the girls are getting along pretty well, and I'd estimate that the fighting is down at least 73% this week. Big brother is apparently also a big instigator.

In addition to making our house quieter, this week has been really good for him. He had a lot of trouble adjusting when his aunt had a baby, but now that his little cousin is older things are evening out. He can interact more with her, and being 7 years old, he can also be a big help to his beloved Yani. For example, he pushed the cart at the grocery store when the baby was fussing and she had to be carried. Uncle is out of town for the week, so Sam has had to be the man of the house, and he loves all of the responsibility and attention.

Sam and Lucy as the bread in an adorable baby sandwich

They've been galavanting all over, going on nature walks and playground, getting ice cream, going to dinner, and visiting places like the Please Touch Museum. Sam is my only kid who really remembers living in Philly, so it awesome that Yani is taking him to do the things that he remembers fondly. He's coming home tomorrow, and luckily Yani and the baby are staying here for one night. I think that will be good for easing back into home life. If you're a long time reader, you know that transitions are a little rough for these kids of mine. 

Plus it gives me a little extra baby snuggle time, which I need otherwise I might go and do something stupid like get pregnant again. 

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