Monday, September 09, 2013

You Say Tomato, I Say PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!

If I made a conservative estimate, I'd say that it's likely I've pulled 150 pounds of tomatoes from our garden so far this year, with August bearing the brunt of that harvest. I was picking 10-15 pounds every 2 to 3 days for a while there, but now we've slowed down a little bit. I still have a big pile of San Marzanos sitting on my counter waiting to be processed into sauce tomorrow, however. And there are still fruits coming in from all four types of tomatoes I planted. The little sweeties and hillbilly tomatoes have so far simply been eaten, some while we pick in order to keep us going. The black krims and previously mentioned San Marzanos have been made into sauces and salsas, or halved and canned. Not to mention all of the other ones we've eaten or given away. I just took a bag over to the neighbors, my folks take a big bag every week and SOB is taking them to work.

One day's harvest in August...

And I didn't even take a photo of the 16 pints of salsa verde I have sitting in my pantry right now. Or any of the pickles, pickled peppers or candied peppers. Or jam. Or peaches in syrup. Or the bags and bags of frozen beans and peas. There was a stretch of about 10 days in there when I canned something each and every morning. At least I know we'll be eating well come winter!

The funny thing is, we plan on making the garden even bigger next year in hopes of increasing both the variety of veggies and the amounts of each. We need way more peppers next year. And more carrots. And more tomatillos. Our cukes didn't fare well this year, so we want to give them a bigger bed to grow in. We are experimenting with eggplants this year, and if we like the results we'll need space for those. And we want to put in some rows of corn. And I offered some garden space to our neighbor.

All of this is offered as an apology. If you didn't hear from me much last month, this is the reason why. It's also the reason I didn't clean my house or buy my kids back to school shoes or do much in the way of anything except garden.

It was a yummy way to pass the time.

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Lora said...

holy crap. Tomato plants are like bunnies. They just keep making babies.

Also, I love your VoG candle on the window sill. And I love you.

Amy Jo said...

It's a hard thing to explain to our neighbors and new friends, because they automatically assume we're catholic. But it does lead to some interesting and revealing conversations!

Your boys are beautiful, btw. You probably already know this, but just in case. And Nicholas looks just like you. I think.