Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Big Kid Vacationing

Wow. Long ago, I used to blog all the time. Now I just sit and edit photos all of the time. BUT! I only have one session left on my schedule (plus 6 unscheduled, but I'm pretending those don't exist!) and only five sessions left to edit. Perfect timing for a vacation!!!

Well, not exactly, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. We planned a ton of stuff for October and November before I knew exactly how busy I was going to be. So our trip to Philly to see Pearl Jam was a little ill timed, but we had a blast. I'm still trying to catch up on sleep, but it was so worth it. Some opportunities are only going to come along every so often. Pearl Jam won't be touring forever. And sometimes, SOB gets a business opportunity that we can't pass up. So on Thursday we leave for a four day trip to Puerto Rico!

Not all of us, though. It may seem cruel, but we're leaving Maggie and Freddie at home. We love those little buggers, but when it comes to treks through the tropical rain forest or snorkeling, well, they suck. And sometimes, when we are vacationing without their grandparents or a babysitter, it means that we end up missing out on some amazing things. Also, air travel costs mucho dinero, and the cost of leaving  them here in the comfort of their own home with loving, caring people, well, it doesn't cost anywhere near as much. So yeah, they get to stay at home. Hooray?

Maggie is keenly aware of this fact, and has been toying with my emotions. She asks me on a daily basis if I'll stay with her forever and never leave her. She cries and whines and begs to come along. She wraps herself around my leg and refuses to let go. At this point I've promised to bring her back an amazing present, and also to let her eat all of the Halloween candy she wants while we're gone.

By the time I buy them their guilt gifts and pay for all of their dental bills, it will probably be more expensive than taking them along. But I'm hoping that the things we do with Sam and Lucy will make up for that life experiences. Stay tuned for photos!

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