Friday, January 31, 2014


This week has been unusual, which is actually not that unusual if you live on the eastern side of this country. The amount of school the kids are missing is getting a bit ridiculous, and not just for us moms out there. They are getting a wee bit nutty as well. Sam, who has never ever tried to change a diaper before, decided to try and get Fred ready for bed the other night and accidentally zippered Freddie's penis into his footie pajamas. It was only a flesh wound, and Dr. Dad was home, so no trips to the emergency room for this case. Maggie has a great big bruise on her forehead (just in time for pre-school picture day, YAY!) because Fred has become fond of throwing and hitting and kicking and spitting at just about anyone. The instant you put him in timeout, however, he starts wailing about how he just wants to be nice to someone! Please! Let me be nice to someone! Lucy had a total meltdown because we listened to her favorite song on youtube (from Frozen, just like every other 6 year old girl int he world) and I inadvertently selected a different version of the SAME EXACT SONG. But to her very delicate ears, it wasn't acceptable, and she loudly screamed that she couldn't live in this world anymore. SOB is working at a new job with a new schedule, too. So everything boils down to THIS WEEK WAS CRAY.

We're going to Florida in a few weeks, and I for one am counting the days.

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