Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Big Dig

So I mentioned a few weeks ago about how we expanded the garden...

I thought I'd provide a little visual evidence. As you can tell by the different colors of wood, the six boxes in the center were the original, and the five (soon to be six) boxes on the perimeter are new. It's  a little hard to see, but behind the original six boxes ( heretofore known as O6, boi) is a long row that was put in last year. This year we also added two more rows along the far side. Plus, the fence, while still temporary, is much prettier and more pest resistant than last year. We've covered the grass in between the boxes and are planning to mulch all along those pathways to help keep mowing and weeds to a minimum. Everything looks great, but because of the cold spring we've had, all of the plants are puny. Most of the things I planted stayed the same size for weeks, and didn't start growing much until recently. At this time last year my peas and beans were twice the size they are now. Luckily, I had a huge number of volunteer tomato and tomatillo plants, and those are doing great! I had to replace most of my pepper plants with store bought ones, because my seedlings were seriously weak. My cucumbers, too. At this rate, I doubt I'll be getting much in the way of produce until August.

If we have an early fall, I'm going to be so pissed.

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