Monday, May 11, 2009

Early Morning Fun

Last Friday we had a 7:20am doctor's appointment in Center City. Sam had a six month check up for his ear tubes. I don't recall making such an early appointment, but none the less, we were up and in the car by 6:35am. Good times. I truly felt like a super hero just for getting them up, fed, dressed and at the office five minutes early. 

Ever since that fateful morning, my kids have been rising at or before the six o'clock hour. On Saturday we were already bored by 7am. I was hesitant to take them outside because, well, they're a loud bunch, but when our neighbor started mowing his lawn at 7:15 I figured we were ok. I kept them on the porch since we were still in our jammies, but they didn't mind. Last week our neighbor gave us a small slide from when her kids were little, and they simply adore it. Here are a few shots from our early morning escapades!

Discovering the joys of being upside-down

Baby salsa verde

Saying 'Cheese' for mommy

Some love between siblings

When SOB got up at 8:30, he was amazed at how much we had done! 


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Megan said...

love that last one -- make sure you take that out and wave it at them every time they fight :).

Suz Broughton said...

I love the last photo best. It makes me so happy when brothers and sisters show their love.

Mike said...

Love the first and last, more the first.


Heather said...

adore that upside down lucy shot! I seem to always forget making those early=a$$ appointments. You know-- an 8am in KoP is always a fun one not to be late for!

Joanna said...

Love the "love" shot. So sweet.

Unknown said...

You are supermom! Tell me they at least go to bed early when they are up so super early? Peace. In the almost makes being up with the sun worth it!

I love the uppy-down pic!!

Julie said...

What fun and happy memories you are capturing!