Monday, August 03, 2009

Into the Box

Saturday was crazy hot and Sunday it rained almost all day, so we spent a nice, lazy weekend at home, mostly indoors.


Luckily for the kids, on Friday SOB received a huge package. The box came in super handy with staving off boredom!


I couldn't even get Sam to put on a shirt, he was so excited. Even hours later, Sam would see the box and call out, 'Hey Luce! Wanna go into the box with me?' and she would yell, 'Yeah!' and off to the box they would go.

Do you have a best shot to share from last week? Visit Tracy at Mother May I.

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Cara said...

I love the first shot with the finger poking out the box. Isn't great how they can find such pleasure is simple things. We actually went outside Saturday to the park for about 5 mins (it was hot and humid!), long enough for a couple of swing rides.

Megan said...

i just adore that top shot! the little hand poking out -- what a great capture of the magic of childhood!

Jen said...

You can beat hanging out in a great big huge box. How fun!!

Unknown said...

Eeee! There simply is nothing more fun than a big cardboard box! I love the first shot!!

Melissa G said...

Love it - especially the first one. Cardboard boxes never do get old.

Arizaphale said...

Brilliant. May that excitement and imagination never fade.