Monday, April 26, 2010

Cookies and Brides and Prom Dresses, Oh My!

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of my grandmother's pizelle iron. She had it out to make cookies for my cousin Scott's wedding, which took place on Saturday. We all came out to celebrate and eat cookies. Here are the pizelles on the cookie table:


And here is the cookie table in its full, sugary glory:


Truth be told, that's only half of the cookie table. Needless to say, Sam and Lucy enjoyed the wedding immensely.

My mother enjoyed herself quite a bit as well. My cousin (the groom) was always close with her, so she was especially happy for them. She was also happy because this is what she wore:


You might remember the dress from this photo I posted back in November. Yes, my mother still fits into her prom dress from 1978, and she totally rocked it.

The bride Whitney was lovely, as we expected her to be.


I spent more time than usual weeping at this wedding. First of all, my cousin and his new bride are so happy together, just looking at them together makes me choke up a little. Plus Scotty was the first cousin of mine that I remember being a baby. When he was little we spent a lot of time together with his family, and me and my brother just adored him. We would push him around in this little plastic car called the Jolly Jalopy for hours on end, just to hear him laugh. Now he's all grown up and has a wife and is off somewhere in Mexico having a blast, and I couldn't be more pleased for him!



I took so many photos at the wedding, it's hard to pick a best shot. I love the one of Whitney coming down the aisle with her grandmother, but I also love the cookie table. You pick! For more best shot Monday, visit Tracey at Mother May I.

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Dan said...

Amen Sister.

Leisa Hammett said...

I love this tradition of the cookies at weddings. This is not a southern tradition and I only know of it bc of a wedding I attended in Pittsburgh once. Lovely!

Chrissie said...

Great Pics! And go Nunny (sp?) in her prom dress.....still as cute a couple as ever!

Megan said...

i am so going with the cookie table ;).

soraya nulliah said...

I love the last shot the best (okay, the cookies are a close second though!!) ...But the last pic radiates with all the joy and excitement, the new-ness of looking forward to their life ahead. So much promise in their eyes and smiles-and you have captured it like magic! So beautiful.

Unknown said...

nice one Amy!

Lis said...

i almost didn't get past the cookie shots ... yum!

beautiful images ... wonderful memories captured!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

blue moon mama said...

Your gorgeous cookie photos do not help my diet, lol.

blue moon mama said...

Your gorgeous cookie photos aren't helping my diet,lol!