Monday, November 29, 2010

My Black Friday Best Shot Monday

A few weeks ago I noticed that my near-constant companion, AKA my camera, was acting a little funny. Many of my photos were coming out over exposed, and there was an odd color cast to most of my shots, despite constant tinkering with my settings. I shoot in manual mode or aperture priority mode, and I'm pretty stuck in my ways, so I was kind of dumbfounded that my tried-and-true settings were failing me so. At first I thought it was my environment. I've been shooting at the kids' school lately and the lighting there is difficult at best. But then photos I took in my own home started coming out all wonky. I was so excited about the photos I took when my friends were visiting (including this one) and when I sat down to review them I was overwhelmingly disappointed.

As it turns out cameras are a little like cars, in that they are designed with a certain number of expected shutter releases, and I had exceeded mine by approximately four times.

The timing on the wonky-ness couldn't have been worse, either. I've kind of been itching for a new camera for a while, but knew that a big electronics purchase for myself wasn't exactly the best idea with all of the moving/new house/new baby expenditures in our past/present/near future.

However, this girl cannot live without a camera. I had done some homework and knew which camera was a dream come true, and also which camera I would be perfectly happy with despite the non-fulfilment of dreams. When black Friday rolled around I started scanning the web to find out if any of my coveted cameras were being discounted. Then SOB got involved, and before I knew it we were at best buy picking up my new 7D!


So I guess dreams really do come true! This is the best shot I could get of it with the old boy, who is headed to the shop to see if there is anything to be done. I'm hoping that it can be repaired so that my budding shutterbug can get some more practice!

My shot and his...

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Chrissie said...

Congrats on the new camera!

Arizaphale said...

Hate to tell you but his shot walks all over yours!!! :-D
I didn't know that about number of shutter clicks! That could explain a lot! I have been pretty unhappy with my shots lately for similar reasons to yours hmmmmmmmmm (thinks)