Monday, June 20, 2005

Pokey Parts and Soft Parts

Pokey part goes in, pokey part comes out. Repeat approximately 3,000 times. This is what I do all day at work. I do not, however, work in the porn industry. The company I work for manufactures rubber products (not the stuff used in the porn industry, either…though this would be interesting!) I have spent the last 3 months measuring how hard it is to poke this plastic thingy into some rubber, and then how hard it is to pull it out. Oh my god, do I hate it! At this point I can do it in my sleep. In fact, I have freaking dreams about pokey parts! Save me from the pokey parts! The good news is that the project will be finishing up by the end of the month, so I will, in fact, be saved.

Dr. SOB had a really rough night. He was on call in the surgical ICU and someone who came in for elective surgery coded 3 times. He’s really been under a lot of stress in this unit, and also because of the impending “
Important Career Decisions.” Also, being chief resident and having 73 people per day complaining to you about their schedule, which you ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER, probably adds to his stress level. Can you tell this annoys me? Every fucking day when I get home, there are billions of emails from whiny people who don’t want to work very much, and expect the other people in the program to pick up their slack. Oh and they want their vacations the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Memorial Day and they are not going to stop bitching until they get exactly what they want! I hate 30% of you people at Dr. SOB’s work! Leave him alone!

Whew…I feel much better!

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