Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gettin' Wasted, Hindu Style

Once every two or three years, Dr. SOB decides it's high time to get rip roaring drunk. The last time this occurred was when he was an usher at his friend Jim's wedding in June of 2002. I was very sick, so I left the wedding reception, which was less than two miles from my parents' house, at about 7:00pm. Dr. SOB came in that night at 3:00am, and he had to be carried by two of his friends. We had only been married for about three weeks, and my mom and dad were just thrilled with their new son-in-law! We later found out that earlier in the evening he had puked all over the dance floor and the groom had to mop up his vomit. Fun times! Last Saturday, two of Dr. SOB's co-workers got married in Philly. All of his friends from work, and his attendings, were there. It was a lovely Hindu ceremony. Unfortunately, we had never been to a Hindu wedding before, so we didn't know that they serve dinner quite late. During the cocktail reception, things were mostly ok, although they were serving premium beer with higher alcohol content. I believe this was the primer for the evening. By the end of that, though, things were starting to get a bit loose. A gentleman was walking around with a small xylophone which he was playing to indicate it was time to move to the reception hall. As soon as Dr. SOB saw him, the instrument changed hands. After things moved into the dinner area, there were some toasts and things, so the drinking slowed down for about an hour. Once those were over, however, the boys needed to make up for lost time so they did a couple of shots! To make a long story somewhat shorter, we ended up leaving once Dr. SOB decided it would be fun to pick his chairman up and spin him around on the dance floor for all 500 guests to see. We didn't even get to have any chicken tikka masala. It took us nearly 45 minutes to walk the 7 blocks back to the car! All in all, it was an interesting night, and we found out that pretty much every other non-Indian person from the hospital ended up in the same condition as Dr. SOB. Some were actually worse! Moral of the story: if you plan on getting married in 2008, please don't invite my husband.

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yr mom said...

i can't wait to see him at our wedding. i can tell you one thing though, i won't be cleaning up his puke. we'll have to designate someone for that job.

herpen8 said...

not me. (holds finger to nose)