Monday, December 19, 2005

Big Ups to Grammy

I was visiting my family in Pittsburgh this past weekend for my baby shower (more on that later) and to do 'Christmas 1' with my parents. While I was there I realized that today was the beginning of Feast Week, an un-official event at my office where people bring in all varieties of fatty snacks to last until the Christmas holiday begins. I was panicking because I knew that after the weekend of insanity and a 300 mile drive home, I was not going to be in the mood to make something yummy in a large enough quantity to last 4 whole days. Luckily, Grammy understood my plight and fixed me a platter of all of her wonderful cookies and candies to bring to work today! Much love, Grammy, much love!

My Grammy, while we're on the subject, does not like whipped topping. However, in her house, not a single dessert type food can escape being smothered in the stuff. This is because Grammy finds whipped topping containers to be the pinnacle in food storage devices. Mind you, she would never by tupperware. She just buys 2 or 3 tubs of whipped topping per week and makes my diabetic grandfather eat it so she has enough containers to last a lifetime. She will even put it in the freezer and try to pass it off as ice cream! At Christmas, she makes pizzelles, and the whipped topping tubs are the perfect size to protect their delicate lacy edges. She gives the cookies out to family, but with stern instructions to return the tubs once the cookies are gone. I love my family.

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Anonymous said...

I love your Grammy!! She's the best. Jen

Lora said...

My husband has a big head too, and I'm a little worried that the baby inherited it and really worried about the old escape hatch, if you know what I mean!!
Also, your grammy sounds like mine. We used to have to return brown bags, and her bags usually had Arby's or Burger King logos. Never was anything thrown out. Ever. She actually broke a hip once picking up a rubber band on the ground outside of Giant Eagle.

Amy Jo said...

Lora - If she was outside of a Giant Eagle, it might be likely that she was pikcing up a gumband, no?