Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pretty, but Dumb

My sweet little tot is still learning the mechanics of getting his hand into his mouth. On monday night, he accidentally got his eye instead, and gave himself a corneal abrasion. We had to take him to the doctor's yesterday, and we ended up seeing the oldest pediatrician still practicing in the US. In order to see where the abrasion is located, they put a fluorescent yellow dye into the baby's eye and then shine a UV light on it. Because this guy was 742 years old, he got more dye on my boy's face than in his eye, and my son looked like a glo worm.

As far as the sleep training is going, I can definitely say things are improving. It seems kooky, but according to
my book the more sleep babies get during the day, the better they sleep at night. I kind of though this was total bullshit until we gave it a try. We're making sure he gets at least 2 daytime naps and all of a sudden he started going to bed 2 hours earlier! And sleeping longer! Last night we had a good 5 hour stretch of solid sleep, followed by another 3 hour stretch. The tot is sleeping again now and probably will be for another 2 or 2 1/2 hours! Mama is liking this!

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Lora said...

more sleep is definitely good sleep! i think that day sleep is growing and developing sleep (like work) and night sleep is resting. or maybe it is the other way around. either way, i like it in bulk!

Anonymous said...

I so had that exact glo worm when i was little!!!-Tori