Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is It Possible For a Baby to Be Bershon?

If so, then Sam is the Bershon poster baby.

Maybe he's feeling bershon because his mother has been a little bit of a pill lately. Maybe he's feeling bershon because his mommy hasn't been getting as much 'afternoon delight' as she had hoped she would. Maybe he's bershon because his mama is worried about getting pregnant again because she's off of her birth control pills and it's making her crazy. (Side note: Could the crazies be the cause of the limited day time sexing?)

Nah, he's just bershon because I keep trying to take pictures of him out of doors and I won't let him eat any leaves. I'll let him gnaw on a paper towel roll which I'm sure is covered with all sorts of industrial glues and whatnot, but I won't let him get some more fiber in his diet.

Hey! Stop that!

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vasilisa said...

After I read a very thoughtful article about how kids instinctively know what's good for them and if left to themselves would it a healthy diet, I caught my son gnawing on a shoe... Possibly looking for vitamin "Mud".

PS: your kid is absolutely adorable :-)

vasilisa said...

"eat" a healthy diet... I really gotta edit what I write...

Amy Jo said...

I do that all the time! I usually paste my comments into a word doc before I publish them.

Sam loves to eat shoes as well. We bought him some of those soft-soled leather ones and he gnaws on them constantly. Dr. SOB thinks this means he will be a meat lover.