Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Mind is On the Blink

I. Am. So. Tired.

The instant my eyes flutter open to the sound of baby cries, the first thought in my muddled head is when can I sleep again. Never mind the fact that the baby has probably been crying for too long because I sleep through everything up until the hysterical wailing.

While we were in Pittsburgh I thought I might possibly die. Sam was sleeping for shit, getting up three or four times every night. The bed wasn't my own, and by the time I had figured out the most comfortable sleepy spot, SOB came and ruined it by actually wanting to sleep in the same bed as his wife. I tried to convince him that if he slept on the couch, it would be better for his back, but he wasn't buying it. Naps (for me) were nearly out of the question because we were always running running running. Besides, Sam's night sleeping schedule wasn't the only thing on the fritz, so sometimes the naps were short or skipped all together.

Once we got home yesterday, I took a two hour nap, in my own bed, all by myself.

It. Was. Awesome.

My goal for the beginning of this new year is to sleep as much as flipping possible. Last night I went to bed at nine o'clock. I hope to be in bed before the sun goes down at least half the days of the week. I vow to nap five out of seven afternoons. I swear to not rise before seven in the morning EVER!

Now if I can only get Sam to cooperate.

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