Monday, February 05, 2007

Glory Hallelujah!

Count me among the baby eating Presbyterians! I have found a part time, affordable day care/nursery school for Sam two mornings a week at the local Presbyterian church. If we actually up and join the church (which is highly unlikely) then I can take him THREE days a week! Now the sweet little tot won't have to look at his mama's va-jay-jay anymore because I won't have to take him with me to the OB! Praise the fucking lord!

Things are finally starting to get back to normal around the casa de queso. Saturday was still a bit rough, and I kind of bailed on SOB and Sam for a few hours, but it was well worth it. First I went and did a little shopping, and then I sat in a book store and had coffee and read! For a whole mother loving hour. As part of my diabolical plan to take over the internet, I bought a book on HTML, XHTML and CSS. Watch your back Bill Gates. I'm gunning for you. I also bought Babyproofing Your Marriage because of all the fab reviews I read via the Parent Bloggers Network. We're managing ok with one tot, but I think things might go to hell in a hand basket once numero dos makes her appearance. Factor in the book I received as a birthday gift and I appear to be quite the ambitious girl!

I also have another, slightly less pressing project in the wings. At Christmas I requested a copy of this book, and my wish was granted by none other than Phil. So starting sometime this week, I vow to make my way through this book, entry by entry, until I have expounded upon all 100 ideas.

And finally, I give you my 'best shot Monday' photos. It's not called 'my best shots Monday' but I always seem to include more than one. Typical.

We've been having some interesting hair days, what with the sick and all. The sleep was sweaty and fretful last week.
And? I love me some eyelashes.

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tracey said...

OMG. I adore that shot. The sleepy dreamy face (with that adorable head of hair) is killing me! Thanks for sharing it and the lashes? I love them too. As the host of My Best Shot Monday, I will always encourage you to post as many damn photos as you want! Hooray!

Stacy said...

Great pictures! They are both cute, but the second one is very "artful". Love it.

Julie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love those eyelashes ;)

Amy Jo said...

Thanks Ladies! I've been trying to take pics of other stuff, too, but for some reason I always end up liking the ones of my babe the best! Go figure!

susan said...

Hooray! Glad to hear that things are getting better at the casa de queso (shot coffee out of my nose at that one... thanks!). Can't wait until you're in charge of the internet... will it be a hostile take over or should we start working on your campaign buttons?

Oh, and the pictures? Yum. How is it that you haven't licked his nose completely off his face yet?

Amy Jo said...

Susan - you are going to be my VP, ok?