Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Pig, Er, I Mean Hog

Last evening I was having a dream that I have with some frequency. It's really quite a boring dream, honestly. In it, I am standing by my bed watching myself (and SOB) sleep. That is it. I'm sure this speaks volumes about how crazy I am or how I love Pee Wee Herman or something. I don't know. Feel free to analyze and send me your bill.

Anyway, last night things went slightly askew in my dull dreamland. All was going according to the normal script, when all of a sudden there was a motorcycle next to me. It had just materialized out of thin air, and it was really loud. The engine was revving for what seemed like an eternity. Dream me looked down at the bed to see if sleeping me would be roused from her slumber. At that moment, in real life, I woke up.

The motorcycle? Was Dr. SOB passing the loudest, longest fart in the history of the world.

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Chase said...

OMG! hahahahah!!

That's scary. LOL!

super des said...

That's so hilarious! I hope you at least punched him in the arm.

susan said...

Gah! That's twice today with the snorting of something out the nose whilst reading your blog. Too funny!

Kris H. said...

LMAO!!! Been there!!! :0)

Amy Jo said...

Luckily, it seemed to be a one night only thing, brought on by frozen corn dogs which have then since been removed from this household!