Monday, February 26, 2007

My Best Shot Monday: Birthday Edition

Just like always, I can't ever pick just one! Click on over to Picture This to see what everyone else posted.

I'm phoning it in today, by the way. Sam has been doing this thing we call the evil baby behaviour lately. About once a week, he wakes in the middle of the night and cannot be consoled by anything for one to two hours. So he screams. And screams. And screams a little more for good measure. I dropped him off at daycare at 8:30 and I was back in bed by 8:40. So it goes.

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tracey said...

Yummy in more ways than one. These are sweeeeeet pix!

I had a bad night last night with my wee one too. I'm pooped. Glad you're getting your needed rest!

: ) Tracey @ Picture This

Twisted Cinderella said...

Love the pics! I can never pic just one either!

susan said...

Good for you! You and #2 need some TLC every now and again!!!

Love the birthday pics -- the crown is awesome!

super des said...

These were obviously taken before the aversion to chocolate was taken. What fun!

Amy Jo said...

Actually they were taken afterwayrd, we just didn't let the tot have any. We are cruel parents. See, we didn't invite some of SOB's family to the party (loooooooong story) but naturally they all want to see pics from the birthday. So we had a fake party last sunday! We are truly bad people. But so are they. At least, some of them.

Wow. That got a little off topic, wouldn't you say?