Monday, March 12, 2007

Feista del Queso!

Is Atlanta really a cool place with hip hop artists on every corner?

Am I as funny (and strikingly beautiful) in person as I appear to be on my blog?

Are there really a bunch of poles in my living room?

Come see for yourself at the first annual Fiesta del Queso! This is an open invitation to all readers and friends of the Cheese Party to visit me in Atlanta on a first come, first serve basis. Since I can't go to BlogHer '07, I'm holding my own conference where ya'll can come to my house and drink all the booze that I'm not allowed to drink.

Which is all the booze, by the way.

The Fiesta will begin Friday April 20th and continue as long as necessary or until Wednesday April 25th, which ever comes first. SOB will be out of the country for work (boo to him for getting a free trip abroad that I cannot attend, but that's another post all together!) so I'm throwing a party!

Got kids? No problem! We have all sorts of baby and toddler accouterments on hand!

No kids? No problem! See first hand what it's like to raise a child so that you can decided to embrace your childless lifestyle!

Email me or comment if you are interested. I am totally serious about this. This isn't just some pregnancy-hormone-fueled mental lapse. I want you to want (to visit) me!

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super des said...

Arg. I would love to come visit you. Next year in Philly, I'll come.

Amy Jo said...

Boo. Philly is a lot closer, though.