Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Exciting Life of Lin and Dan

We had a lovely visit with my parents. I didn't change a single diaper for fifty-four hours! I got to sleep in twice. And even if I did spontaneously wake up within a half an hour of Sam each day, I was able to sit quietly and my check email before I even brushed my teeth! It was glorious!

My folks had a great time as well. One of the major benefits of having their own kids at such a young age (my mom turned 19 two weeks before I was born) is that they are extremely energetic grandparents. They rolled on the floor and ran in the park and danced and spun until they all fell down. My mother "accidentally" stole an egg shaker from Baby Loves Disco. They ate Chick-Fil-A with reckless abandon.

My parents, at 47 and 49, are young. In most respects they act like they are in their twenties. Except for one little thing. They are OBSESSED with bowels, both their own bowels and the bowels of their loved ones. You might recall how at night they used to pray for Sam to poop. Well, this weekend was no different. Every time my child would have a movement, they would get so happy you'd think he cured cancer. I also got to hear a lot about their own, um, habits. Apparently, my coffee must have super colon cleansing powers. Between the two of them, I bet my parents shit over a dozen times in two and a half days. And before every occasion there was a proclamation. Afterwards there was analysis. Was it the salad from lunch yesterday? You say that last cup of coffee did a number on you, dad. Well thanks for sharing.

I don't even know how to end this post, so I'll leave you with a picture of me and my darling boy. He's a little sick so he got to stay home from Jesus school today. Also, I kind of missed cuddling him. I was only allowed to hold him to pose for pictures while the grandparents were here.

P.S. Susan answered some very important questions last week. Go and check out her answers! If you're still bored after that, check out my new review blog The Cheese Says....Mmmm! You can find all of my Parent Bloggers Network reviews posted over there for easy reading!

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super des said...

Wow your parents are young!
And poop filled, apparently. Which cracks me up.

susan said...

I'm just wondering if you had to make a potty schedule to keep things running, er, "smoothly"...

Marketing Mommy said...

Good for your folks for staying so *incredibly* regular. I don't much like pooping on other people's turf, so I end up constipated on most of my trips (TMI, huh?).

Amy Jo said...

Mostly they are ok without a schedule. Although they went to church at an odd time (for them) on Sunday morning and my dad was feeling quite urgent when they got back.